Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Come See Batali!

by Gabriel Hummel on August 31, 2010

Monster truck rally was the first thing that came to my mind when I heard about Mario Barali’s Eataly, a 50000 sq ft self proclaimed, “temple”.

I’m not sure if this place is more sacrilegious or truly a pristine sight where all things holy about procsuitto, gelato, and pizza are raised up with the likes of Zeus.

I am still waiting for goldberg and batman to pop out and smash some cars in the middle of times square.

This massive contraiption may not have the abiity to put vegetarians in a sleeper hold, but it does in fact contain a butchery, pastry center, bread maker, panini bar, espresso, and even a freaking book store and housewares department. I think if they lock Giada De Laurntis in the back of the store covered in chocolate sauce, I would likely sell all of my worldly possessions and move in here.

But alas, I cannot deny that I would more than my share of fun running around the food funhouse. I can almost picture myself knee deep in the fishmonger section and then taking the pig train to the pasta maker for some hand made ravioli.

It would be like a Japanese fish market  combined with the unrelenting fun of Chef Boyardee.

I think i just convinced myself.

Flying to NYC


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