Dine On Human Flesh

by Gabriel Hummel on September 4, 2010

Berlin was schedulded to open a cannibal restaurant, when low and behold, it turned out to be a hoax run by a german vegetarian activist group.

VEBU (the activist group) may have even outdone PETA when they placed ads around Berlin asking for the donation of human body parts for their restauraunt. Apparently in the warped mind of the German activist, eating beef or pork is the equivalanet of gnawing on the flesh of your friendly neighboor.

Good thing I only partake in pseudo baby seal clubbing, otherwise I would be a surefire target for this livly bunch.

Little did the activist group know that the ads would partiullary offend locals as there was a case in 2001 when someone really did eat another person in a murder case.

Let me set the record straight, if you want to leave all the deliciocious proscuttio, filet mignon, chicken breasts, and salmon fillets to the carnivours of America (more for us), that’s fine by me. But if you are going to run around and tell people around the world that dining on the flesh of animals is the equivalent of being a zombie, then I take your evangelic notions of grandure and raise you one classification as a terrorist group by the USDA.

Eating babies


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