Hurricane Earl Strips You of Clam Chowder

by Gabriel Hummel on September 6, 2010

Hurricane Earl doesn't stop travelers

Now this story had me laughing and rolling on the floor like a damn roly poly.

Hurricane Earl has singlehandedly destroyed the hopes and dreams of many a New Yorker, along with the majority of the upper East coast.

Amidst the chaos of the on again, off again hurricane that is Earl, there have been a breadth of train service suspensions, flight delays and cancelations, and coastal roads washed out.

I’m surprised that the entire Eastern seaboard didn’t rape and pillage all of the Jersey Shore cast members for such a travesty to occur during their holiday weekend.

The real hilarity of this news story does not come from the shattered dreams of some East Coast natives, it comes from the damned determination to get their way up the Ivory Coast and get their yearly fix of New England clam chowder or sunbathe in their timeshare.

“It’s not a 3-foot snowstorm. I think us New Englanders are tough,” McDonough said. “We’ve had this weekend planned, and no hurricane is going to stop us.”

I can see it now, Peter Griffin in Joe Versus the Volcano.

I can only imagine the amount of resolve the typical lower bound East coaster must have at this point.

“You can take our land, but you can never take our clam chowder and relaxing weekend you stupid gavone.”

Waiting for reports of pirates popping up along the shoreline.


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