Mass Vomiting Ensues After Release of Andrew Zimmern Board Game

by Gabriel Hummel on September 13, 2010

Andrew Zimmern Board Game

Our second favorite ex chemically dependent TV show host has recently created a new way for all of us to balk at a collection of exotic foods that are so unique, only Zimmern has the balls stomach to eat them.

“Ander Zimmern’s Bizarre Game” is similar to playing a game of screw your neighbor, in which you lie to your closest friends about your polished knowledge of such things as giraffe balls, fossilized monkey feces, and cow brains.

monkey brains

I can already taste my sweet success

What I want to know is where is the square for boardwalk where if I put a hotel on it I can make my mates eat a smoothie comprised of bananas, monkey brains, and various human secretions.

Waiting for Anthony Bourdain’s Fuck the World, Have a Beer board game


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