I Know Where You Live

by Gabriel Hummel on September 23, 2010

RFID Tags tell you where you are

What the difference between a cow and you? No it’s not that your both likely to be ostracized by PETA, its that you are both about to have your whereabouts tracked at all times.

Izzy’s ice cream shop is notorious for being the Baskin Robbins of the 21st century, they rotate over 150 flavors and are guaranteed to put me into a sugar coma upon entrance to their labyrinth of frozen delicacies.

Izzy's Ice Cream Flavor Grid

In order to stop fans from creating a lethal combination of negative Yelp reviews and firebombing Izzy’s locations nationwide, they have created a RFID system that will keep its customers in check by telling them what 32 flavors are being served that day, including updates on when your favorite flavors reach the scooping slipstream.

Not only can you fill your social media accounts with a rotating splendor of dairy goodness, but soon you will be able to scan food at a grocery store and get instant recipes and even be able to update your Facebook account while riding a rollercoaster.

Who the hell doesn’t want to eat ice cream while riding a rollercoaster and getting recipes for banana foster?

Scared of roller coasters

It’s stalking, but easier


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Iron Chef Shellie September 28, 2010 at 5:17 am

lol, love that last picture!
AND love the new header on the blog! bit behind in my blog reading 🙂


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