CBS Proves that My Childhood Diet Was Shit

by Gabriel Hummel on September 28, 2010

cat prepares funny lunch

What has the reputation for being smelly? Having a avid hatred for anything American? And didn’t do jack shit during World War II?

France, but of course.

But not, a recent CBS investigation shows that the French now have something they can actually brag about, a five course barrage on the taste buds that makes our children’s lunch options look like a smorges bough from a rejected state fair

deep fried poptart

Sure, there are standard deep friend offerings of such things as broccoli, but the real kicker is that they have such in depth menu offerings such as, ratatouille turnovers, carrot salad, escargot, mussels, and bouillabaisse.

They even allow parents to make suggestions for menu items and even send updates to your email inbox on what your kid is eating on any given day.

How the hell was I stuck with tater tots, apple sauce, and chicken fingers everyday at school?

Elementary school lunch

These kids are fucking 3 years old and they are eating better than me as a yuppie foodie with a hobo’s budget living in America.

Allow me to pass serious props to the French school system and allow me to once again bitch slap the US public school system for serving myself, and children today, French fries and calling that a day for our vegetables.

Hell, even at age 5 I loved broccoli.

Eating my spinach


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Iron Chef Shellie September 30, 2010 at 10:50 am

This is something I never understood. In Australia we don’t go to the cafeteria everyday for lunch, you bring it instead. If you are lucky you can get a “lunch order”. I would only get one once a week, which usually involved a sausage roll or hot dog…..mmmm.. those were the days. Else I was stuck with some sandwich mum had prepared!

Jamie’s Food Revolution opened my eyes to the differences in countries. Man, why are they serving such fatty foods all the time!


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