Rowdy Roddy Piper Lays the Smackdown on Childhood Obesity

by Gabriel Hummel on October 5, 2010

hot rod roddy piper

Man, seems like everyone and their mother is jumping on the, “oh no I don’t want little Johnny to grow up to be fatter than me” trend.

Now, once front man for the WWE/WWF/Clad of spandex men association has come out with an ad campaign that aims to kick you straight in the nuts when it comes to eating half a gallon of Ben and Jerry’s.

kicked in the nuts

This video is so fucking hilarious, I can’t stand it. From kicking the ass of the neighborhood ice cream man to dunking a kid’s face in his sugary cereal bowl, the only thing I was sad to not see was a metal chair beat down on an oversized twinkie

man in Twinkie costume

Clearly Roddy Piper is poising himself to linger in the homes of every household in America and jump out at a moments notice in order to incite fear and pain into the hearts and bodies of every unsuspecting fast food munching, slurpee guzzling, red blooded American.

Just reading that makes me ROFL all over the place and potentially break a kidney.

Maybe Michael Pollan and Alice Waters should hire him as their hitman?

I cant wait to see the headlines,

“Rowdy Roddy Piper Massacres Man in chicken costume and body slam’s children in McDonald’s play pens”

body slam

Pure awesome


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