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Your Kitchen’s Failing Grade

by Gabriel Hummel on October 6, 2010

Are you balking at the B health rating at your favorite Chinese eatery?

Does the idea of eating a donor kebab off the streets of Kuwait cause you to projectile vomit on the nearest passer byer?

Before you sick the big bad health inspector on your local eatery, consider the fact that your about 100x more likely to get yourself lying on the floor in the fetal position from cooking in your own kitchen.

A recent California based study showed that only 61% of households would pass the same health inspection that is applied to restaurants.

old and gross burned skillet

Yes, this means that your stained mac and cheese on your frying pan does not in fact add flavor and character to your signature dishes, it does in fact can cause you to spend a night on the can.

I try my best to keep my kitchen as smooth and clean as a porn star’s privates, but every now and again I am sure I fall into C level out of general laziness.

I think we can all agree that if we can move beyond our own notion of the five second rule and embrace the fact that most restaurants bust ass on a daily basis to offer you immaculate cooking environments, a little B grade isn’t going to ruin your day or your stomach.

5 second rule

Living the 10 second rule


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