Read a Book, Order Sushi, and Strike a Disobedient Child All at Once

by Gabriel Hummel on October 14, 2010

taped iphones to make ipad

What the hell can’t the iPad due?

Well besides lots of the same shit that a 300$ laptop can do

But fear not loyal Apple enthusiasts, your paperweight purchase has found a new use in the restaurant industry

Does it look like another seizure inducing episode of Pokémon? Yes, but it does mean that we might see printed menus take a back seat to a near video game like experience in a restaurant.

From more efficient means of chronicles your overseas adventures to serving as clipboards at nightclubs, iPads seem to be helping induce Apple’s inevitable world domination with a potential future of stock options, courtesy of Gordon Ramsey, Wolfgang Puck, and maybe even Paula Deen (though she may mistake it for a cookie)

paula deen ipad

Still not jumping on the iRestaurant bandwagon


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