Underwater Museum Caters to Jersey Shore and Adventure-esque Drug Dealers Alike

by Gabriel Hummel on October 16, 2010

underwater museum in cancun called the silent evolution at national marine park

What do you get when you turn a quaint Mexican town into a tourist destination for every US child under the legal drinking age?

cancun partyers

A cultural motif of drug overdosed teenagers with way to much of daddy’s money to spend.

As a result of such diverse patrons growing tired of the constant episodes of late night binge drinking ending with a transient hooker in one’s bed, a new type of tourist attraction has taken wings, or fins, in the Cancun area.

underwater acupuncture

Deep below the ocean’s surface *cough* 27 feet *cough* lies hundreds of life-size human statures in the National Marine Park of Cancun.

The exhibit is being called, “The Silent Evolution” but I would be more likely to call it, “The ultimate tourist trap, complete with acupuncturists”

I can only imagine the absurdness that will occur once this museum transitions beyond people with a hard on for museums and makes its way to the general populous in order to stay afloat.

Can you really see Margarita makers and Orange County beachgoers alike, running amuck in an underwater playground trying to figure out how they can play underwater beer pong in order to make the exhibit livelier?

old woman playing beer pong

Personally, I would love the challenge, but I’m not paying a hefty admission fee and laying out another few hundred bucks to some scuba diver instructor gringo just so I can see if my college drinking skills are still on par with the local youth.

Going with Margaritas and hookers instead


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