Momofukuing Franken Cookie

by Gabriel Hummel on October 25, 2010

frankencookie and frankenpie momofuku

Say what you want avoid David Chang and the defunct state of chef celebrity-dom, but the desserts at Momofuku Milk Bar are outstanding beyond all rational comprehension.

One their most notorious items is a Franken Pie, which is a combination of all of their pies all wrapped up into one luscious piece.

But, like feeding a fat kid more cake (or cookies in this case) they have openly published their recipe for a new concoction of epic proportions, the Franken Cookie.

frankencookie momofuku

These elaborate blueprints, courtesy of their twitter account, showcase the simple, albeit, brilliant notion of making a wide variety of batches of cookie dough, freezing the batter, then constructing the cookie with the collection of pieces. The evil experiment should only be awakened after 30 minutes in the oven, or after Gene Wilder’s assistant’s hump moves another direction.

young Frankenstein igor hump

All I can say is, where is my damn flour?


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