How Finance Bloggers can Teach You to Travel and Eat Like a King

by Gabriel Hummel on November 2, 2010

death of a piggy bank

Do you love the idea of escaping to an island of white sand beaches and cannibal tribes?

Do you relish in the concept of stuffing your face with foie gras upon first entrance to the meat capital of the world?

Does the idea of being like Jack Kerouac but with less aimless wandering and more conversations with locals of exotic lands entice you?

If you are reading this site and answer anything but yes to the aforementioned questions, then clearly I need to feed you to the cannibals in the first rhetorical question.

Everyone enjoys the things that I love




Dark Skinned Brunettes


But how many people actually stop pleasuring themselves to pictures of palm tree and pork laden heavens and actually make a half assed attempt to have a conversation with an African headhunter while eating Moroccan delicacies?

About the equivalent of your stock portfolio, nothing.

One might ask themselves then, how is it that so many damned food, travel, and general miscreant bloggers are able to gallivant across the globe and have relations, while eating gelato, on a white sand beach, in Naples?

Clearly they are smarter than us.

Or maybe, just maybe, they don’t own a hummer sized home theatre system, ford mustang, and a collection of original Xmen comic books.


Yes, you too can live the life of the rich and famous, all it requires is a little bit of sacrifice, and maybe a selling of your soul to a few key financial planning blogs.

Without completely dragging this article out like a self help article, you really only need to do one thing if you want to jump on the bandwagon of lifestyle of the rich and famous.

Save more spend less.

If you require more elaboration, I recommend directing your focus to The Simple Dollar and Get Rich Slowly.

It really is that damned simple my friends.

Instead of going to Starbucks every morning for your mocha-frapa-bullshit, utilize that coffee maker you got as a wedding present from your first marriage.

In lieu of dropping your grandeur commission check on a down payment for a new corvette, try tossing that into an internet checking account.


And I know, as much as you will look like the coolest kid on the block with that new wardrobe from Calvin Klein, lock that credit card in a cabinet and feed the key to Oprah.

If you really want to get on a plane and taste a 100 year old recipe for char grilled chicken from a street vendor in Osaka while sipping on sake and talking to a local geisha, you have to start putting your money where your mouth is, pun intended.

Who wants to travel better than their neighbor?


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