Nutritional Dogma Once Again Proven Dogma

by Gabriel Hummel on November 9, 2010


Dear vegans, vegetarians, raw foodists, paleos, organic junkies, south beachers, Oprah rebounders, and generally all nutritionists on the planet

You are full of shit

Once again a person has proved that at the end of the day, nutrition is something that is as abstract of a concept as a sober 19 year old model at a bar.


Mark Haub, a professor of nutrition at Kansas State University went on a Twinkie and processed foods diet for 10 weeks and lost 27 pounds in addition to improving his cholesterol.

His premise, which is the same choir that I have been preaching for quite a while, is that weight loss is completely tied to calories and has no bearing on nutritional content whatsoever.

Move more, eat less, it really is that damn simple folks.

To infuriate the health food obsessed ever more, Haub had is bad cholesterol drop by 20 percent and his good cholesterol increase by 20 percent, his triglycerides (fat levels in blood) dropped by a whopping 39 percent.


Do certain diets work for certain people? Yes

Can you be healthier on a certain diet? Sure

Should all diet evangelics shut the fuck up? Once again, yes.

There is nothing more infuriating to myself and the general public than when other people tell us how to eat, or better yet, when they stick their noses up at our choice of procuring a milkshake in Lou of a bed of whole grain rice and broccoli.

This report is one of many that makes me smile from ear to ear as It is ammo for the gunning down of food naysayers everywhere.


Once again my lovely readers, eat what you want, enjoy life, and understand that if you are gaining weight, you should probably put down the DQ blizzard in your hand.

Food > nutrition


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