TSA Insures That Molesting Wannabes Get Their Thrills at Airports Everywhere

by Gabriel Hummel on November 17, 2010


What happens when an airline employee gets the opportunity to not only have hand sex with a person’s body, but also leave them doing the walk of shame with a healthy dose of radiation? Welcome to your local airport.

Today, the TSA chief has laid down the law, and stated that the new pat downs, and body scanner devices in place at airports around the nation are necessary in order to, “deflect terrorism”.

Look, I personally don’t care if some TSA guy gets his rocks off giving my body a throughout once over in order to insure that I am not packing heat in forearm or something, but why the hell do you need to pat me down for 10 minutes and run a full body scan on me too?

Not only have you made the security at airports become that much more miserable, but you have single handedly shown that America is the most paranoid nation on this fair Earth.

airport security fail

I want to know how many people are actually paranoid about more terrorist attacks and are willing to continue to leave their personal freedoms, physical dignity, and vast amounts of free time at the door steps of the airlines?

Don’t airports and flying already suck? This is like spraying alcohol on a cut, sure it might help to some extent, but it fucking hurts a lot.

I am all for keeping people safe, but I really don’t have a desire to spend the duration of my existence at an airport security line waiting for a TSA erotica show to end.


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