Come Buy Your McDonald’s Play Set Today!

by Gabriel Hummel on December 20, 2010


The McDonald’s Drive Thru Center is a true innovation of modern society, with its slick plastic exterior, glossy french fries and burgers, and even a headset to practice your best impersonation of a pothead for the inevitable dime bag that will reside in your work locker.

Act now and well even through in a few immigrant children, complete with fake green cards, lack of mastery of the English language, and a nasty habit of demanding a higher pay grade than their non union garnished wages.


Don’t fret if your children decide to partake in a feast of polyurethane proportions, just kindly inform them that a sack of unappetizing meat substitute and french fry hell will be arriving on their plate by the night’s end.

Weight gain should be expected while playing with the toy set, just make sure to instruct your children in the proper methods of food extraction from runway models in order to maintain their ideal body image.

(Disclamer: McDonalds is not responsible for providing food that has any nutritional value, nor any conceivable taste. It is recommended that if your child begins to eat the plastic food ware that you attempt to shove McDonald’s leftovers down their throat until their gag reflex kicks in and all the products are dislodged from their esophagus.)

I’m lovin’ It


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