Dubai Hotel Employee Offers Amazing Customer Service And Gets Fired For It

by Gabriel Hummel on January 3, 2011


Remember when that sexy older woman had sex with the young high school student and everyone was so upset?


I don’t remember that, but I do remember thinking how much I wish I could have had intimate relations with Mrs. Butters, the Spanish teacher in my high school. Had Mrs. Butters came knocking on my door looking for a recreation of a Zorro love scene, I sure as hell wouldn’t have cried in front of the principal.


This time around, a 25 year old female at a Dubai hotel was sentenced to six months in jail after she had a one night stand with an American guest at the hotel. She got knocked up and then had an abortion and was promptly terminated from the hotel upon their awareness and got six months in jail for violating Sharia, Muslim law.

First of all let me state the obvious, this is a clear case of outstanding customer service on behalf of the Dubai hotel. Not only did a traveling business man fall prey to dropping an obscene amount of money at an overpriced Dubai house of gaudiness, he also got more servicing than his hotel room.


I applaud this South African woman for having a lustful affair with a random traveler, if only more people could have random traveling encounters of extreme sin and pleasure, there would likely be a veil of world peace cast over the shadow of the entire world, including Dubai and their ridiculously strict laws.

Obviously it is a load of bollocks that this woman was not only fired from her hob and put in jail for 6 months, she also is set to be deported upon the end of her sentence. I don’t recall the last woman I had a one night stand with being dragged away in a big white van and being terminated from her corporate job for deciding that a long night of hair pulling and wall slamming was in the cards for the evening.


Alas, this is their laws, and no matter how utterly ridiculous they are, we can do nothing more than rant on internet forums and toss bags of flaming dog shit on the front porch of Dubai hotel lobbies. While I am sure that the woman regrets every decision that was made that night, I hope for her sake that the sex was at least god like.

Don’t be a fool, wrap your tool


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