Want To Take a Piss On A Plane? Knock Someone The Fuck Out

by Gabriel Hummel on January 22, 2011


I often have fantasized about recreating a video game moment from my childhood while traveling in such as confined space as an airplane. Maybe something not quite as morbidly obese as Mortal Kombat back in its heyday, but a side scrolling ass kicking session ala Final Fight would suit me just fine.

final fight

Low and behold, a passenger went completely ape shit on a flight attendant during a JFK-bound flight on Thursday when a beverage cart was the only thing between him and urinal bliss was a tray of mini cokes.

Michael Isabelle was the mile high culprit and started the West Side Story reenactment at about 6am on an American Airlines flight from Rio de Janerio. Apparently the guy was pissed enough to kick the cart until it fell over and punched the flight attendant square in the face. No flight attendants were truly injured in the brawl, but the assailant did go to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation and some popsicles to sooth the traumatic food cart event.


Apparently the airport vigilante had to be wrestled to the ground and get the not-so-fun version of plastic handcuffs on him. How the hell was I not invited to play cops and robbers on an airplane when I was younger? Hell, I would still get into a good game of that right now at the tender age of 24.


We can weep tears of pity for the flight attendant all we want, and while it will be just, it will not have any entertainment value of any sort. Instead, I recommend that the flight attendant dawn a cape and become a masked airline avenger, in a few years; Batman won’t have shit on her and we will all have the lunatic passenger to thank for our new airline justice and double packs of airline peanuts.

Airport brutality is hilarious


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