Super Bowl Coma

by Gabriel Hummel on February 7, 2011


I made the dastardly and amazing decision to not eat anything in preparation for the super bowl, and as a result I embarked on a food crusade that could only be compared to that of Thanksgiving and all its glory.

I will preface by saying that I do not give two shits about NFL football, hell, I really only care about bowl games for my alma mater. Football to me is nothing more than a time sink that would be better spent outside actually playing the sport than drinking a six pack of Bud and talking smack about athletes that could do more pushups in a day than they could everyday consecutively.


Like some kind of voodoo magic, every year I fall victim to the hype that is the super bowl and embark on a crusade to find a person with the best party and the biggest TV to watch the ultimately disappointing commercials. This year was no different, but the food was epic in both variety and girth.

Never before had I been to a super bowl that had every traditional game day fix in that you could possibly imagine. Here is but a taste of some the delicacies that we were so privileged to partake in.







My god was it all so good; I even have some cookie cake to eat that I will in no way share with you even if you offer me a mountain of gold doubloons and a pirate ship to ransack cruise ships in the Virgin Islands.

I hope your super bowl was as fantastic as mine, and if it wasn’t, than it sucks to be you.

Go cheese heads


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Katie February 8, 2011 at 4:58 am

You WILL share that cookie cake with me! P.S. I hate you for this tantalizing post. Hate. 🙂


Gabriel Hummel February 11, 2011 at 3:43 pm

Play nice and you might even be able to have a slice


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