Bill Nye the Science Guy Has Elemental Hard On for High Speed Rail

by Gabriel Hummel on February 25, 2011


PBS is awesome; it has put out some of the most bad ass children’s programming that I can remember, and can run circles around the LCD induced cartoon fare from Nickelodeon and highly biased trusted news sources such as FOX, CNN, and others.

Unfortunately, PBS is in danger of losing all its funding and going under, despite the plethora of reasons why it should held up on a pedestal while half or more of cable television can get kerosene drenched and laid to rest by Evil Knievel.


Luckily the retired officers of PBS’s front lines still remain strong, as proven by Bill Nye “The Science Guy”, who has decided to stand up for Obama’s plan to install a high speed rail system across the USA.

In an interview with the Orlando Sentinel, our science guy pointed out that nearly every other industrial country has some form of light rail and that the US reasons for waiting to install the system due to political semantics is embarrassing.

This shit-storm started rustling when Florida Governor Rick Scott moved to reject $2.4 billion dollars in federal funding for constructing a high speed rail between Tampa and Orlando. The White house responded with a resounding, “Fuck you” and decided to put the money elsewhere in the country.


All I have to say is keep up the good fight Bill, no one like anyone lying down taking things easily from behind, well most people, but certainly not America. Keep kicking ass Bill, and don’t forget your lab coat when the next revolution starts.

Red, White, and Angry.


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