IndiGo Airlines and The Male Chauvinist Make Great In Flight Entertainment

by Gabriel Hummel on February 28, 2011


What happens when you mix a male chauvinist pig with a female airline pilot and toss in a bit of airport angst? A 120 minute ordeal that makes national news.

A Mumbai bound IndiGo flight was delayed nearly two hours at the Delhi Airport last Friday when a passanger raised a shitstorm after discovering that the woman piloting the plane and not at his house cleaning his dishes and on her hands and knees scrubbing the floor.

The man transformed into a recovering heroin addict upon his initla sight of the female pilot and he refused to partake in a plane flight that would cause such thoughts as, “I don’t want to die! She cant take care of the house, how will she take care of a plane?”


The flight attendents were called in and the ground staff of the airport came on board and escorted the man off the plane surely to the sound of booing and hissing.

Hilarious, seriously, all you can do in a situation such as this is laugh at the utter ridiculous that is the situation. Someone should have started burning a cross and sacraficing goats in order to pull the whole twisted scene together in my mind.

Luckily a flight attendent later responded that there was a “mentally unsound” passenger on the plane and later ripped off her clothes to reveal a free in flight striptease show.

Or maybe that is just my imagination.


Yea, I’m going to keep it that way.

Mentally unsound


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