Ina Garten Not Putting Out for Make-a-Wish Kid

by Gabriel Hummel on April 4, 2011


Did I say putting out? I didn’t mean to scar your retinas with such a travesty, I only meant to draw attention to the fact that Ina Garten has decided to give a Make-a-Wish kid’s last request come to fruition by cooking a meal for his entire family, after turning him down twice.

The Food Network fiasco in a nutshell is this, a kid from Make-a-Wish foundation wanted Ina Garten to cook him dinner for his last request before he falls victim to some disease. Tragic, I know.

Ina’s representatives declined their requests on two separate occasions with no apparent justification, until now. The story hit the news and spread like internet wildfire with every celebrity chef from Michael Symon to Beau MacMillan offering up their kitchens to the snubbed six year old.

Michael Symon

After a fierce lashing from the beast that is the internet public, Ina Garten essentially got bullied into accepting the request for fear of everyone burning their Ina cookbooks in some sacrificial craze.

Props to the power house that is the internet guilt machine for making the fag hag break down and offer up the sparsely service of having a child watch her cook during the taping of one of her shows. Who knows? Maybe the kid will tell her to go piss off and bury his face in Giada’s breasts instead.


I know I would.



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