The Only Way Is One Way

by Gabriel Hummel on May 2, 2011


Ever planned a trip before?

You sit down and write out all sorts of details, notes, and itineraries for the pending two week adventure that you are set to embark on with your eyes glazed over like a hippie at a reggae concert fest.

What do I pack? Do I have my plan tickets? How long will I spend at the largest ball of rubber bands in the world?


Planning, while helpful in certain situations, it an absolute nightmare and disservice to your pending travel experience.

Travel has never been about the end destination, or all the planned steps you take along the way, it’s about the adventure, it’s about not knowing the who, what, where, and how until the very last second.

The rush of unknowingness comes to you like a junkie getting his fix, except you can relive the amazing-ness of the first travel experience again and again without ending up offering fellatio in an alley back road.

You don’t want to know what your next stop is, when your train to the museum leaves tomorrow, you just want to live and flourish in the uncertainty.

So go ahead and plan, get every last detail down to the nearest millimeter, but stop as soon as you buy the first one way ticket to no man’s land. I promise if you take two Tylenol and call me in the morning, you’ll be as right as rain.

One way


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