Mother’s Day Adventures Galore

by Gabriel Hummel on May 6, 2011


Mother’s day is encroaching and what better time to go out on an adventure with one of your nearest and dearest parental units?

The typical mother’s day is lackluster in nature, usually involving some eggs benedict in bed and a bouquet of flowers from FTD. I feel like every mother openly embraces this fairytale-like day but secretly wishes that those eggs and carnations went straight back to the discount rack at your local grocery store.

Instead, what woman in their right mind doesn’t love adventure?


I don’t mean a feature film staring Indiana Jones, but rather a true escape, one that involves plane tickets, a car, and possibly a diamond heist.

A true Mother’s Day should be spent going to a new locale, whether down the street or just across the country. Be creative you ungrateful husbands and sons and daughers, imagine something near or far that would be out of the ordinary, but nearly certain to bring a grin as wide as the Amazon basin to your adoring mother’s face.

From a picnic in a new park to a 3 day retreat in a far away city, the sky is the limit with the spoils you can unleash on your mother’s favorite day of the year.

Adventures are something that everyone loves and deserves, and no one more so than a mother with her family on the biggest hallmark holiday of them all.

Just don’t sit there, get up and buy a ticket, draft a plan, conspire with your siblings, and come up with the most amazing and bountiful mother’s day adventure that your parsley budget’s can afford.


I promise she will not only appreciate the sediment, but also embrace your cunning and inginuity for not being a predictible lame ass family like everyone else she knows.

May all your days be filled with adventure mom


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