The 7 Best Bars and Clubs to Get Royally Smashed

by Gabriel Hummel on May 25, 2011


Ever want to travel the world and see the best bars and clubs and get so hammered that you don’t remember anything about the night, from arriving at the bar with your 3 friends to your intimate bathroom encounter and a weird moment with an external appendage and cigarette machine? Look no further than my list of the best bars around the world.

Your liver will kill me in the morning



What do I really need to say about this place? Just look at it. It’s as if God came down from the heavens and made the perfect place to drink and used a peppershaker of diamonds to round it all out. This crazy ass place can be found in Istanbul, Turkey, right next to heaven.



NYC, it’s like Las Vegas but colder and potentially filled with more regrets and insanity that a strip bender.  No better place can this be accomplished than the Gansevoort Hotel in NYC. Do yourself a favor and order a sprite and three olives berry, you’ll praise me later.



What kind of this would this be without a throwback to the Sin City. Tryst is the most badass spot on the strip, and is guaranteed to have a line and a club filled with sexy people, cold drinks, and a guaranteed loss of sanity.


The Standard

The land of nose jobs, body builders with bastard children, and party goers from all walks of life, who doesn’t love LA? The Standard is a downtown staple, and offers an amazing view with an even better looking clientele. Sneak in your own flask and even escape the 20$ drinks while finding a cougar or two.



What do you get when you mix a 61st floor bar with one of the biggest cities in the world? Welcome to Vertigo in Bangkok. This place offers amazing views, stunning ambiance, and cheap(er) drinks for the faking millionaire in all of us.


Keko Moku

A tiki bar in the list of best bars? Before you ready your pimp hand, know that this bar is by far the most amazing bar in all of England. Keko Moku is a tiki bar with a bright and lively atmosphere. Think of it as an aberration in one of the world’s most miserable cities and embrace its awesome-ness.


New York Bar

Wondering where this bar is? You guessed it, welcome to Tokyo. This top story bar features ridiculous views of downtown Tokyo and offers some of the finest cocktailing in all of Japan. Domo arigato MR bartendo.

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