Summer Vacation or Bust

by Gabriel Hummel on June 13, 2011


CNN recently wrote an article talking about Americans and their attempts to go on pseudo lavish vacations with their families across the United States.

Apparently more families have been selling belts and crystal meth out of the trunks of their cars as 58% of all Americans said they are planning a tourist trap laden adventure for this summer season.

Most Americans are getting smart and taking simple adventures ala low key amusement parks and family cottages rather than getting drunk in Mexico and losing their children in a flea market because of an extended stay at a donkey show.


Used to raiding the mini bar at your favorite Hilton, be prepared to get drunk at a dive bar sitting next to your Motel 6. Think of eating filet mignon? Add some Salisbury steak sauce and close your eyes at TGI Fridays and you’ll be right there.

“Overall, vacationers plan to take an average of two weeks for a trip, and spend an average of $1,200 a person, or a few weekend-getaways, spending just $300, Amex said.”

Overall, a smart ploy for Americans everywhere. If travel hoarders around the world learn to spend less on each of their vacations, and not waste money on frivolous purchases throughout the year, maybe they can join the 8% of Americans who are able to go on a kickass overseas adventure.


Personally, I would rather stay home with a bag of marshmallows and a bag of jiffy pop than blow 1200$ at Disney World, but maybe that’s just my inner travel cynical asshole talking.

Summer busted


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