Quality Problems

by Gabriel Hummel on August 4, 2011

quality problems

I have what everyone in the savvy business world as, “A quality problem”

A quality problem by definition is, “something that is an inconvenience, but really it cant be a real problem because its an awesome situation to be in”

For instance:

Having to decide which playboy model you are going to sleep with in a night is a quality problem

Determining whether you want to make 10000$ and do some boring task or make 5000$ and travel over the course of a day is a quality problem

Not knowing what to do with the million orders you just got for your new business is a quality problem

While my newest quality problem is not as epic as playboy bunnies and hoards of money, it does involve a lot of sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

While traveling to my motherland of Michigan, Delta overbooked my flight and gracefully offered me 400$ in free money in addition to first class airfare for the measly price of two hours of my time.

Not being a blithering idiot, I jumped on it.

Now I must decide whether I want to take my cash and run across Europe causing all sorts of philandering or go buck wild in the lovely SE of the land of overworked slave children (read: Asia). Or should I just drink myself into a coma in Brazil?

All are exciting, all  will lead to me getting into trouble, all are awesome on so many levels

What would you do, my dear readers?

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Sonia August 10, 2011 at 6:35 pm

Europe … for sure! I strongly suggest you pick your countries carefully if you’re going ‘buck’. But it would all be fun!


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