The Trip That Wasn’t

by Gabriel Hummel on October 8, 2011


Sometimes, you just need to pull the trigger

Actually, it is often better for me to simply pull the trigger and deal with the consequences later, whether they attempt to mane, pilfer, or kill me is irrelevant

Recently I stumbled across a deal to fly to China and back, with food and airfare for about 1200$, a fraction of the cost relative to even flying over there one way from nearly anywhere in the world.

Hesitation occurred

Deal expired

Head banged against wall

Looking beyond the fact that China is one of the greatest countries that I have never been to, I was ultimately more pissed at myself for not allowing myself to go out on an awesome adventure.

The underlying factor here is that man was meant to travel, and anything that prevents said travel from occurring in one’s life should be stripped away like cancer from your vital organs.

Will there be other amazing adventures on crazy eddy style price cuts?

Of course, this country’s people are broke and travel companies are desperate to make it happen

As long as I get on the road in the next 30 days, I will be able to take this IV of Frommer’s guides and Anthony Bourdain memoires out of my right arm and get back to living the dream

Even if that dream lands me in a coffin, stuffed with enough illegal cargo to make Fidel Castro blush



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