The fabled about page, where fooodies, aspiring chefs, vagabonders, and generically misunderstood youth rant about how much better life would be if they had a spork in one hand and a plane ticket in the other.

This is the part of the story where I am suppose to give you a Campbell soup portion of my life story, and you, the reader, are to hold your heads in awe at the vast amount of gastronomical and international escapades already safely tucked under my size 32 belt.

Alas, I am not this person.

Yes I have traveled.

Yes I have eaten good food.

And no, I do not want to eat monkey brains while some guy in the foreground is yelling something about Kali Maa.

My name is Gabriel Hummel and I am a man who loves to eat, travel, and get exposed to new experiences with new miscreants on a regular basis (and somewhere in between find time to rant about the various injustices of the world and how oatmeal still may serve as the platform for one of the greatest meals I have ever eaten).

My goal with this site it to document my various escapades, whether they involve eating skewers of fatty pork from street vendors in China, spending a week with a Hindu prophet in India, or even deciding that it might be a good idea to jump out of an airplane over the blue and green ocean in the keys.

Shit, maybe we’ll even learn something during this whole process, or at least travel and eat enough until Rachel Ray looks hot enough to have relations with.