Here is a general listing for every question that came close enough to make me want to club a baby seal upon its uttering

Are you taking applications for a partner in crime to ride shotgun to hell with you?.
If you think you have a burning desire to see the world, eat great food, learn about people and cultures, and guarantee yourself one way ticket to hell, then by all means shoot me an email

Why did you start a site like this?
My formula was simple, what are the things in life that I love more than anything?

A) Food
B) Traveling
C) Writing
D) Getting arrested for locking people in wine safes
E) All of the above

I took these answers and tossed in some new experiences and learning how not to suck when using a camera and came up with this site.

Why is the site called noclipmode?
Fancy and and sensible answer: I wanted to differentiate my site from the countless of other food porn blogs where delicious, food, Paris, or some combination of boring and uninspiring blog titles come together in a tornado of photos and poorly written text in order to create a food blog with a side of, “oh and btw, I was in Italy, the gelato is good”

More honest answer: I used to (still) play video games and no clip mode seemed like the perfect dorky way to describe my philosophy of traveling, eating, and living with no rules


Deal with it

I heard you have another website that is just is bad ass as this one, is that true?
Why yes it is my good sir/madam. Kindly Google search away and I’m sure you can find all kinds of badass-ery

Do you take your own photos?
For some of the photos I do, others I borrow for your amusement. While I am not yet cool enough to own a DSLR on my saltine cracker budget, I do have a eloquent pocket sized camera that is far more manageable to drag into a restaurant, pyramid, or brothel than massive bag of camera accessories.

Can you link to my site? What if I review Cadbury candies and peeps exclusively on my blog?
I will share links to other food blogs that are filled with such crazed derivatives as bacon flavored foods and leftover Halloween candy.  Please don’t email me and tell me how your site on how internet marketing can make you a millionaire should exchange links with food and travel blog, after said email i may be prompted to host a free brains zombie party at your house.

I have the best recipe for ______ could I email it to you for posting?
Home cooked meals still remain some of the best food I have ever tasted, from my aunt’s apple pie to my mom’s texas chili, I have been spoiled with epic eats. With that being said, I love a homegrown recipe, especially if you have detailed instructions and even some stock photos to boot. Send them over my way, and after I give it a taste and get induced into a food coma, I will gladly post up your epicurean delights.

Do you write other hilarious reviews of restaurants?
Hell yes I do, check my yelp reviews whenever you want to find some seriously good (and bad) food and as a bonus, gain some funny anecdotes to impress your friends.